Examples of phrases of thanks

The concept of gratitude is defined as the action and consequence of giving thanks for something , who through this act expresses his gratitude and kindness. It is the consequence to whoever performs a kind of favor or who offers his help, a feeling that is normally done to return the cooperation obtained.

Gratitude is created once the receipt of some help has arisen, which is why when seeing that this benefit is given by a person , the need arises for the subject to show his gratitude to the person who has shown him that collaboration.

This type of act can be manifested through gestures, gifts and, of course, words. This article will show phrases about  thanking friends, family and partner .

Phrases of thanks to friends

  • Whenever I need advice there you are, when I need your support there you are, these things are proof that true friends are the best thing in life. Thanks for everything.
  • In the most complicated moments of my life you did not turn your back on me and with your wise words and your love I realized that you are a true friend.
  • Luckily life has put you in my path and that has changed my life, thanks for being my friend. I carry you in my heart.
  • It is said that happiness is not measured in money but in the quantity and quality of friends one has. I feel that with your friendship I am already the richest person in the world.

Phrases of gratitude to the family

  • You have always let me learn from my mistakes and when I have stumbled there you have been there to help me get up. I love you without condition, you are my whole life.
  • Thank you parents for giving me a good education, values ​​and essential principles, without you I would not be the person I am today.
  • Looking back and feeling that you have given me the basis to progress , my sisters the sense of humor and the grandparents their love. I love you.
  • Like any other family, we have gone through many joys but also sorrows, that has made us stronger and value what we have. I realize that I would not be able to live without you, thank you for teaching me more every day.

Phrases of gratitude to the couple

  • You, my love, are the one who has changed my life, you are the light that guides me and that illuminates me. Thank you for offering me your heart and for loving me as I am.
  • You arrived at the most appropriate moment, at the moment when I saw no way out of the dark tunnel. Thank you for rescuing me and for making me see the world differently.
  • Every day that passes I am more in love with you , I am passionate that you want to live a thousand and one adventures with me and that makes me happier.
  • I know I make many mistakes and even then you don’t distance yourself from me. Today I want to thank you because I love that you are by my side. Love you.
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