Examples of possessive adjectives

In the grammatical area, the possessive adjective is that word that changes the noun , which qualifies in number and gender, by adding a sense of belonging or possession of someone or something, so it shares its function with the possessive pronoun. The most common is that it is placed before or after the noun, however there is one that can appear after the linking verb (it expresses a state or a condition), since it continues to be an adjective.

As we just mentioned, this type of word class is placed before or after the noun :

  • Before the noun: agrees in number with the noun and in gender only with the first and second person plural.
  • After the noun: it is known as a possessive pronoun and coincides in gender and number with the noun.

Examples of possessive adjectives with only one possessor

First person of singular

  • Mi: I have my car parked on the road.
  • Mis: They ask you to keep my skirts in that drawer.
  • Mine: This cat is mine , thanks for finding it.
  • Mine: Everyone who is playing is a friend of mine .
  • Mine: I choose not to order food and spend only my own .
  • Mías: The two doctors were my students years ago.

second person singular

  • You: Your bed has been made since this morning.
  • Tus: I’m tired of telling you to pick up your things.
  • Yours: Maria, don’t mess around because it’s none of your business .
  • Yours: I hope my brothers become friends with yours .
  • Yours: My bed is very small, I better go to yours .
  • Yours: You should know that the best poetry was yours .

Third person singular

  • Su: From your living room you can see impressive views.
  • Sus: Ramón wants me to explain his theories.
  • His: That one over there has a cell phone that is not his .
  • Yours: We know that all brushes are not yours .
  • Yours: Your aunt must know that the accident was not her fault .
  • Theirs: They managed to solve the tasks that were theirs .

Examples of possessive adjectives of several possessors

first person plural

  • Our: Our brother is in intensive care.
  • Ours: Our books serve to reflect.
  • Our: The designer of our house was very famous.
  • Our: The first thing is to specify our goals.

second person plural

  • Yours: Your car is a collector’s item.
  • Yours: Your tastes do not coincide at all.
  • Yours: Lucía and I love your gastronomy.
  • Yours: Do not forget that I have your belongings.

third person plural

  • Su: Your friend is in no condition to drive.
  • Their: Keep in mind that their rooms are small.

More examples of sentences with possessive adjectives

  • I can take my guitar to the beach.
  • The computer works regular, so I’ll go to yours .
  • His black shoes are at the entrance of the home.
  • We are sad because our dog is hospitalized.
  • Your biology sheets are on that shelf.
  • Thank you, but we don’t need your money at all.
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