Examples of predation

It is defined as a biological relationship in which one species needs to hunt another , since this way of feeding is their only possibility to continue living. This type of hunting has always played a very important role in the evolutionary process and, most commonly, the predator and the prey are of different species, bearing in mind that a predator can be preyed upon by another animal.

In the fight between both animals , the olfactory and visual senses are very important as the prey needs to find a hiding place silently due to the danger that lies in wait for it and the predator to find it.

examples of predation

Predator Dam
Seal Fish
Badger Slug
Frog Beetle
White shark Seal
praying mantis Grasshopper
Mouse Snail
Finch Caterpillar
Arctic Wolf caribou
Snake Mouse
Grizzly salmon
African lion Zebra
Larva aphid
Hyena Antelope
Kingfisher Fish
Heron Crab
Hawk Rattlesnake
Alligator Fish
Cheetah Gazelle
Hawk Rattlesnake
Toad praying mantis
Owl Lemming
Dormouse Bee

More examples of predation

Polar Bear

The polar bear is one of the largest carnivorous mammals on planet Earth and is a predator of baby seals and reindeer . For its survival, it feeds on the nutrients of these animals and their liquids, since the water in the frozen areas of the northern hemisphere is acidic and salty.


The tiger is a carnivorous mammal that feeds on different animals, for example, birds, fish, small mammals such as hares, monkeys and small elephants, as well as large mammals such as wild boars, hyenas and deer.

Royal Owl

The eagle owl is a bird of prey from Asia, Africa and Europe that is characterized by having a robust beak and sharp claws for hunting certain species, this means that it is adapted to be a predator. It stands out for hunting rabbits, blackbirds, rats, hedgehogs and small fawns of 10 kg.


The spider is an arachnid that has a non-articulated cephalothorax and that needs to hunt for its food, bearing in mind that it is very cunning and prepares traps to catch and inject a poison that immobilizes the animal. It is the largest consumer of insects, be they bees, flies or mosquitoes, in addition to hunting birds, lizards, mice and other spiders.


Common name given to the carnivorous mammal that feeds on small birds, rabbits and squirrels . The fox is easy to move and attack thanks to the pads it has on the bottom of its limbs.


The jellyfish is a cnidarian with a gelatinous body that feeds on everything around it, mainly crustaceans and fish.

It is carried away by the sea currents and the wind to find food. Once it has achieved it, it catches it with its tentacles and takes it to its mouth , it also has it easy to have sticky tentacles.

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