Examples of psychometric tests

Today it is very common to hear that you have to pass a psychotechnical test in the selection process in a company to distinguish the qualities and aptitudes of each person . But what is it really? It is a type of test that aims to objectively assess intellectual abilities.

A test of maximum execution, very well structured in different sections and of voluntary response, in addition these answers have to be treated as sincere since the subject who performs it benefits from telling the truth.

verbal skills

1) Mark the word that completes the sentence

The element that forms the oceans is:

(a) earth, (b) air, (c) water , (d) fire.

2) Which of the following words have the same meaning and which are opposites:

a) buy sell I     O
b) fast fast    I    O

Numerical skills

1) Solve the following exercise:

How many highlighters can be bought for 40 euros at the rate of 2 for 4 euros?

Answer: 20 highlighters, that is, if each highlighter is worth 4 euros, with 40 euros you can buy 10 highlighters, since they are 2 x 4, it is 10 x 2 = 20.

2) Find out how each of the 3 series of numbers is organized and say the 2 that follow.

  1. a) 2 – 5 – 8 – 11 ……. 14 – 17
  2. b) 7 – 1 – 5 – 1 ……. 3 – 1
  3. c) 20 – 15 – 10 ……. fifty

Visual retention or fatigue

1) What is the most repeated letter?

a b a zm a b a zm a b a zm a b a z a b a mb a

2) What is the most repeated letter?:

t dd t p t dp t d t php t hpdh t phdhh

Ingenuity or logical reasoning

1) If you are in a car race and in the last corner you beat the second, in what position do you arrive?

a) the first b) the second c) the third d) the fourth

2) You have to choose between 3 rooms:

a) fire b) tigers that haven’t eaten in 2 months c) serial killer

The answer is b because not having eaten in 2 months they will be dead.


1) After …….. the area, he saw that there was no one

a) inspect b) inspect

2) I am touching the …….

a) trumpet b) trumpet

Synonyms and antonyms

We show you two words with four answers each and you must say which one is not synonymous:

1) Crouch

a) shrink b) bend c) sit up d) bend over

2) Scruffy

a) dressed up b) neglected c) adán d) shabby

General culture

1) What is the highest mountain in the world?

a) Kanchenjunga b) K2 c) Everest d) Nanga Parbat

2) Who painted the picture of “Las meninas”?

a) Pablo Picasso b) Francisco de Goya c) Pedro Pablo Rubens d) Diego Velázquez

3) What is the fastest animal on planet Earth?

a) Leopard b) Cheetah c) Peregrine Falcon d(Siberian Tiger

4) What are the colors of the Mexican flag?

a) green, white and red b) yellow, black and red c) green and white d) yellow and blue

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