Examples of regionalisms

This is how specific words, expressions or expressions of the language or linguistic variety that are part of a country or region are known, where words are used that are usually local synonyms of words that have a more global use to represent a thing, a term or an idea itself. It is about the way of naming things but that in other regions can mean something completely different, or even nothing, that is why they are said to be local.

It is very common to confuse them with localisms , but they differ in that the latter are from a more specific region while regionalisms are more general, for example, a localism covers the Madrid region and a regionalism covers the Spanish country.

Examples of regionalisms

  • Tapa – Snack – Pecks – Picadita – Pasa palo
  • Choclo – Elote – Corn – Cob
  • Accommodate – Park – Park
  • Pork – Piglet – Pork – Poplar – Pig
  • Matches – Matches – Matches
  • Chavos – Críos – Chamos – Pibes – Children
  • Empanadilla – Cupcake – Empanada
  • Sifrino – Cuico – Pijo – Concheto – Strawberry
  • Swimsuit – Trabejaño – Trusa – Mesh – Calzoneta
  • Pistol – Chopo – Guacharaca – Revolver

Examples of sentences with regionalisms

Example 1

  • Banana: Banana is a food that contains a lot of potassium.
  • Banana: He noticed the  bananas and headed towards the table.
  • Chocheco: In Venezuela we eat a lot of chochecos .

Example 2

  • Flirting: Tonight we are going out to flirt because we feel like it.
  • Hitting: Don’t rush that hitting is not as easy as you think.
  • Balancing: Balancing at work can bring you problems.

Example 3

  • Fool: To  fools  and stubborn, the best slap is to leave them.
  • Asshole: Hey, don’t give the  asshole any more reasons to kick you out of school.
  • Egghead: Being a egghead is an iconic phrase from “La que se avecina”.
  • Gil: You are a gil for not asking before doing something you don’t know.

Example 4

  • Skillful: Carlos is one of the most skillful people I know.
  • Crafty: You don’t have to be very crafty to do that.
  • Ducho: It is characterized by being very proficient with databases .
  • Right-handed:  Right -handed , expert or trained in arms.

Example 5

  • Potatoes: In Spain it is very common to make potato omelette with or without onion.
  • Potatoes: Lucia is a person who grows potatoes and trades them.

Example 6

  • Cool: How cool it is to go to the Tarragona amusement park.
  • Chido: In Mexico it is very common to use the word chido .
  • Good: The rice with mushrooms that my mother makes is very good .

Example 7

  • Chili: The girls were eating  hot chili at the restaurant.
  • Chile: They decided to make a bet to see who ate the most red chilies .
  • Pepper: This red pepper is very hot and I need to drink water.

Example 8

  • Job: Veterinary work is hard but rewarding.
  • Work: Clara goes to work every morning by bicycle.

Example 9

  • Horse: The horse we have on my grandparents’ farm is white.
  • Jamelgo: They rode their jamelgos on Friday afternoon.
  • Cuaco: In rural areas the word cuaco is widely used .
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