Examples of relative clause

Relative clauses are those that are inserted by a relative , but what is a relative? In the Spanish language there are certain classes of words such as adjectives , adverbs and pronouns, which fulfill the function of joining the subordinate clause to the main one and that makes it have to depend on it to have a more complete meaning.

Any of the relatives accompanies an antecedent, to which they are joined to insert a secondary clause with more information, and in this case, it can be implicitly or explicitly.

Specific relative clauses

Specific relative clauses are those whose purpose is to specify something in particular , which causes them to offer information in order to differentiate something.

  • The flag whose emblem is a sun is the flag of the Argentine country.
  • The guests who came yesterday will sleep in a luxury suite .
  • The house where you were born reminds me a lot of mine.
  • The guy you ran into yesterday is my boyfriend from 5 years ago.

Explanatory relative clauses

Explanatory relative clauses are those that fulfill the function of explaining something ; they are written between commas and if they are omitted they do not lose their meaning.

  • The music room, which has a wide variety of instruments, will be remodeled within 3 days.
  • The neighbors next door, who moved in last year, are going to have a party.
  • Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone, is one of the most important scientists and inventors.
  • My two uncles, who separated last year, have decided to try again.

Emphatic relative clauses

Emphatic relative clauses are those whose purpose is for the speaker to emphasize what he is saying . It should be added that they are periphrastic sentences, that is, two verbs are joined (to be + any other conjugated verb) that make up the verbal nucleus.

  • It is with this series that many viewers have laughed until they could no longer.
  • This afternoon was when he heard classical music coming from the square.
  • The falls will be the ones that teach you not to make the same mistakes again.

More examples of relative clauses

  • The car, which belongs to my cousin Antonio, is very striking.
  • The heels that she bought yesterday afternoon are very high.
  • The house where Pío Baroja was born is today a museum.
  • I always give my children all the time I have free.
  • They just painted the door you’re leaning on right now.
  • The tall guy who was with you today seems like a very polite person.
  • Jimena, the girl with the tattoos , arrives in town today.
  • Lidia, whom I left 4 years ago, has enrolled in the same University.
  • The father of the board, whose daughters are in 4th ESO, separated from his wife.
  • I urgently need an employee to do housework.
  • The ankle boots you bought are a bit hot.
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