Examples of sentences with a compound predicate

The predicate is called as a part of the sentence that must express the action carried out by the person in question who is the subject, his circumstance or his state, and refers to the complement of the subject. It also makes the sentence coherent because without it it would not make sense as the subject cannot express a complete idea by itself.

The predicate can be in two ways, that is, simple or compound, in this case the second option will be treated. This means that more than one action is reflected and therefore there must be more than one verb or verbal structure in the sentence.

Examples of sentences with a compound predicate

  • We docked the yacht in the port and went down the gangplank like real divas.
  • Julián begins to sing very shy but then no one stops him.
  • A politician came to parliament and released the whole truth.
  • Leave the mobile in the backpack and sit at your desk.
  • I finished my degree in Audiovisual Communication in September, I hope to find a job soon.
  • Tell my aunt that I’ll be back for Christmas and I’ll bring a present.
  • After rehearsing Hip-Hop he went out into the street, lit a cigarette and forgot everything around him.
  • My friend’s daughter is pregnant and suffering from nausea.
  • The Spanish soccer team played a good game and qualified for the final of the UEFA European Championship.
  • The trip will be to Argentina and we will go to the Perito Moreno glacier.
  • To the recipe you add chocolate chips and on top you can put strawberries.
  • Hug my father and tell him that I love him very much.
  • The Money Heist series premiered in Spain and is now being shown internationally.
  • The player stole the ball, dodged three rivals and scored a great goal.
  • When the water starts to boil, add the pasta.
  • This afternoon I vacuumed, ironed the clothes and swept the kitchen.
  • From the second semester I study, work and do the TFG.
  • The artist Pablo Alborán sang all the songs on his new album and said goodbye with his favorite song.

More examples of sentences with compound predicate

  • Andoni played with the ball in the park and sprained his ankle.
  • The train left Milan at night and arrived the next morning at Catanzaro.
  • Last week my friend from Holland came and brought gifts.
  • My grandfather has a broken hip and is going to have surgery the first week of June.
  • The artist resigned from the tour and accused the company of poor organization.
  • On Wednesday we went to the theater and saw Billy Elliot .
  • This weekend we will dance and sing in a well-known venue in Barcelona.
  • Mari Carmen painted a painting and exhibited it in the art gallery.
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