Examples of sentences with common nouns

The common noun is called as a class of noun that is used to be able to mention objects, places, people and others that correspond to the same group. Therefore, it is a kind of word with which a set of subjects that are named in the same way are pluralized, since they have very similar characteristics.

This type of noun has a gender, that is, feminine, neuter or masculine, and a number, that is, plural or singular, in addition to the fact that it can be together with an adjective that specifies properties of the common noun and an article with the same gender and number.

Examples of sentences with common nouns

  • My cousin wants to know who you are, will you come tomorrow?
  • The chalet has a green fence .
  • The publishing house published the historical book and the children’s story .
  • My brother  started designing the building when he was 30 years old .
  • Possibly it will come the following week , take a good look at the list .
  • Laughter serves as a treatment for the intellect .
  • Marcos managed to score a Chilean goal on penalties .
  • Look under the cabinet and also under the sofa .
  • Some were at the table in the living room and others in the kitchen .
  • I heard a joke about currency devaluation .
  • Some spots appeared on Juan ‘s leg from sunbathing so much .
  • At Christmas I want to go on an excursion with the motorcycle.
  • The car I have rented is the best I have found for my pocket .
  • Starting elementary school was quite a difficult challenge .
  • I think it is better to go down this street and then cross to the other sidewalk .
  • Coins are thrown into the fountain in Rome to make wishes .
  • The weather has forecast heavy hail for several days .
  • They have decided to auction to raise the money for the new adventure .
  • That girl is having a correct behavior .
  • Jaime bought a striped shirt and pants .
  • Turn on the radio , I need to hear the game now.
  • It is made with sand that is found on certain beaches in Alicante.
  • Do you want to come to eat at my house ?
  • The fantasy video game had a lot of repercussion .
  • If you pay a little more money you get the fridge with a freezer .
  • The math teacher left the students longer .
  • The pilot said goodbye to the passengers as soon as he landed.
  • The fat blanket is a pale pink color.
  • My uncle makes some very delicious croquettes and squid rings .

More examples of sentences with common nouns

  • The new neighborhood gym has plenty of treadmills .
  • Jimena turns on the ceramic hob to make food .
  • The basement room was locked because surveillance work was being done .
  • The sun cream has a protection factor of 30.
  • The next bus arrives at 9:00.
  • The air conditioner and the stove consume a lot of energy .
  • The guitarist and bassist of that group have a lot of accumulated talent .
  • In the hotel there are 2 bathrooms and both are large.
  • In winter you drink hot drinks and in summer colder ones.
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