Examples of sentences with proper names

The proper name is a class of noun that is used to name entities in a more exclusive way so that it differs from the others that belong to the same class. This type of name is usually used for the names of individuals, places, events, ideologies, companies and objects, among others.

It differs from other nouns such as common, individual and abstract nouns in that it always begins with a capital letter , regardless of the position of the sentence in which it is placed, in addition it is always in the singular never in the plural as if it happens with the common nouns .

Next, a succession of sentences that include proper names will be manifested.

Examples of sentences with proper names

  • If you go to London in autumn, it is most likely to be raining.
  • This week in religion it’s time to study the life of Moses.
  • The series ‘La que se avecina’ is about to premiere a new season.
  • The other day Gerard Piqué finished the game bleeding from his nose.
  • I’m going to have to miss the next meeting of the Non-Governmental Organization.
  • The group was created west of Liverpool.
  • Paulina Rubio released a new album last Friday.
  • Do you know where Juanjo has been these days?
  • My brother was studying at the Carlos III University.
  • I am looking forward to summer to visit Patagonia Argentina.
  • Yesterday a letter arrived from the International Monetary Fund.
  • The Civil War was a before and after in the history of Spain.
  • Vitoria’s ‘Azkena Rock’ festival arrives this spring.
  • The New York Stock Market fell quite a bit.
  • Before I am too old I want to visit the pyramids in Egypt.
  • My uncle made me a member of the FC. Barcelona at 12 years old.
  • The Basque Country, Andalusia and Catalonia are some of the autonomous communities of Spain.
  • The Colosseum is one of the most beautiful amphitheaters I have ever seen.
  • My cousin is called Pol by a family vote.
  • The Golden Age was one of the most important stages in Spain.
  • Yesterday my family walked along the Gran Vía in Madrid.
  • Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812.
  • Budapest is the most populous city in all of Hungary.
  • The World Health Organization confirms that smoking is harmful to health.

More examples of sentences with proper names

  • Dato street is in the center of Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • The Martinez Solar family are the bosses of that restaurant.
  • Were you able to contact your boy Manuel by phone?
  • Dr. Gutiérrez is a doctor specialized in surgery.
  • The Louvre Museum is the best known and most visited by foreigners in the Parisian city.
  • World War II ended in 1945.
  • Thomas Alva Edison was an entrepreneur and prolific inventor.
  • Alfred is going to sing at the ‘Arenal Sound’ festival.
  • Last year we adopted a dog that we named Antoan.
  • The Mississippi is a long river that runs through the United States.
  • Rafaela and Fernando are two of my best friends since we were little.
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