Examples of serious words without accents

The stressed syllable is that part of a word that is pronounced with more emphasis and depending on where it is located, it is classified within the acute, esdrújulas or llanas words. The latter are also called serious or paraxitone and are very common as they are stressed on the penultimate syllable.

Serious words may not have an accent mark if:

  • they end in n
  • they end in s
  • they end in a vowel

Examples of serious words without accents ending in a vowel

Backpack Green Chair Lettuce Giraffe Ball
Spoon Chicken Support for Spike Canine Whale
Human Lake Cook Organize Handsome Homer
Analyze Sample Scenery Notebook order Word
Bag Sunday Five rosary beads Tiger Colleague
Gram Accent mark Fragrance Table Stadium Talking
Head Check out Bottle Cabbage Figure Playtime
Balance Peach scorpio Brother Mirror Quilt
Trap Planet Lover Advice Rock Cleaning
Apple Far Colombia Land Open Summary
Shoe Whim sell memorize Park I’ve got
String Violet choke School Star Passage
Background Rage Return Universe Idea Vicuna
On The ceiling Crying Wheel Penny I want
Tiny Outside Hammer Sure I endure What
Later Second Soul Future Yellow Beer
Binder Moment He delivered Sewer pulled out Coat
Some Flight Breeze Pharmacy Four Model
Much Ask None Toga Sick Mouth
Contact Fire Mexican hornet’s nest Nerve Arrangement

Examples of serious words without accents ending in s


keys signs yawning stars repeat Those
Thursday Eyes Curtains Flowers freckles moods
Friends Turntable You know Monday Then fierce
screens Before Characters We set aside engines dreamed
precede Ants vague Colors flights Amazon
groceries Eyebrows Tuesday Waves sonatas molts
cheeks All gases you feed you start Tests
Wheel galaxies While Irrigation annular Friday
Borders Pueblas you pour seas you explain you think

Examples of serious words without accents ending in n

Slogan dance Margin Gluten Horn they smell
perform they travel appear They swim Shoal Tuxedo
Crime Abdomen They sing do Young man kiss
Pollen Semen Test Contest suppose Summary
Volume Image they fight Aboriginal they edit win
aspire Bartender Someone tolerate reward They draw
They train They drill boast Canyon Someone Order
Virgin they scream Germ Source Nylon analyze
bathe sweep They lead Summary improve choose

Examples of sentences with serious words without accents

  • In advertising, the slogan that is made is very important.
  • The keys on my computer are wearing out.
  • Dance very animated to the rhythm of pop-rock music.
  • Vitoria is called Green-Capital because there is a lot of green .
  • The giraffe had a baby at the zoo that they named Bambi.
  • My cousin Ricardo has to eat gluten -free food .
  • The stars are brighter than usual.
  • Leave a margin between the period and the next word.
  • My friends gave me a Harry Potter backpack .
  • The ball slipped into the neighbor’s house by throwing it hard.
  • You repeat 4th of ESO because you have failed several subjects.
  • You have to put a lot more lettuce in that salad.
  • Those classmates are doing an activity.
  • Zodiac signs are often used in astrology.
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