Examples of service lease contracts

The location of services is a consensual contract that has a very distant origin, specifically in Rome it was used for those people who sold their jobs in exchange for a price, always in money, known as merces . So, this concept is defined as a totally voluntary agreement by both parties , in which one of them pays compensation to the other for making their services available personally.

It should be noted that this type of contract does not guarantee that the objective will be fulfilled perfectly, but the landlord must still receive his money , taking into account that one of the parties is called this, while the other is known as the tenant, and is Who should pay for services rendered?

Sample lease of services

In the city of Maldonado, on October 20, 2019, between Jimena Martinez Blasco with 42575603Z and C/Hurtaran Bidibirreitia, hereinafter the landlord, and Umberto Bibianez Juntas with 45690001Z and C/Martirio Guzmán, hereinafter the tenant , this “ service location contract ” is needed , which must comply with the following guidelines:


The landlord must provide the tenant with designer services for an entire building . The tenant must have in his possession the enabling certificate and a copy of the DGI as a self-employed worker under the Unique Tax Identification Code that corresponds to 23-00835592-5.


During the duration of this contract, the landlord must agree not to contract their services with other people who are linked to said service location.


The tenant must pay the tenant a sum of €1,000 in advance and €1,000 monthly during the current contract, and in case of delay, 4% interest will be added.


This service location contract will be in force for 14 months , so once that date has passed, it will be terminated, without taking into account the final result.


Both parties can terminate this contract, as long as it is given 20 days notice in an irrefutable manner and with justification. In the event that this is not the case, a fine of €2,000 will be required, in favor of the contrary.


The landlord must notify in a reliable manner and with a medical certificate that proves the illness that prevents the performance of said work. In this case, the tenant has to pay the lessor the monthly profit for a period of 3 months. After that period, if the tenant has not duly returned to his work, the contract may be terminated.

Transfer prohibition

It is totally prohibited that this contract for the lease of services ceases in whole or in part. The landlord must personally carry out his duties according to the instructions ordered by the tenant.

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