Examples of social projects

A social project is one that  changes the living conditions of any living being  with the aim of obtaining more quality in the day-to-day life of the entire society or at least of the social groups that have the most complications. It is essential to know that social projects are created in two ways, the first by the State and the second by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or private associations or companies.

The most normal thing is that any type of social project has as its primary purpose to meet the basic needs of all the people who make up society, that is why many of them are linked to education, health, employment or housing , that is to say , the four factors that are necessary for the passing of days.

Below are some of the most interesting examples of social projects .

Social project: LEA

The Lea or Meeting Place for Friends social project took place in Mexico in 2017 and focuses on a place that promotes certain recreational and cultural activities in the open air, involving the whole of society in the process. The place has a multitude of books and games for all kinds of ages and they are available to anyone to use and thus learn, start conversations and live with each other for a certain time.

Social project: Open Green Map

The Open Green Map social project has emerged in Spain although it was designed in the American country and is based on several digital maps in which there are playgrounds in nature, nature reserves, parks and other places where people can do sightseeing. One of the objectives is to mix the protection of these places with leisure activities in the summer periods. Therefore, it is a social device that helps the progress of local areas, creating a large database with the different points such as parks. bicycle rentals, vegetarian restaurants, etc. that are located in a city or in a town.

Social project: The Homeless Studio

The social project The Homeless Studio was created in 2015 in the United States, which is defined as a course linked to designing remedies for people who are homeless due to the crisis that occurred in the city of Los Angeles. It was Mary Klaus, the co-founder of Madworkshop who, with the help of two professors from the University of Southern California, made the decision to create this social project that she stood out for its humanitarian aid.

Social project: Employ +

Emplea + is a social project that aims to improve the labor inclusion of individuals who are in danger of social exclusion.

A specific tool that creates a profile of the candidate in which different aspects are shown, such as economic, family, environmental issues, etc., in addition to adding professional evaluation and incorporating the most outstanding profiles sent by non-governmental organizations.

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