Examples of string instruments

String musical instruments or also called chordophosonines are those that have the peculiarity of generating sounds when the strings are played , specifically, they are pressed, scratched or percussed. These fulfill the objective of generating sound vibrations that are amplified by a resonance box and the type of sound depends on the position, length and thickness of the string.

Normally this type of instrument is made thanks to materials such as wood and metal , and regarding the strings, fibers of vegetable or animal origin are used, and sometimes even artificial materials are used, especially in the guitar.

Examples of string instruments

Clavichord Piano Four
Fiddle Mandolin sitar
Double bass Bandola steel guitar
mexican vihuela Psalter Electric bass
guitarron Charango Cello
Pound Clue Bandurria
cymbalon Viola Kora
Lute Guitar fretless bass
Dinar Spinet Harp

Examples of bowed or bowed string instruments

They produce sounds through a bow : viola de bow, viola de gambas, cello, hurdy-gurdy, violin, saringi and monochord.

viola of love

The viola of love is a baroque instrument that belongs to the viola family and has 14 strings, although only 7 are played, since the others serve as a joyful vibration.


The rebec is similar to the violin and is made up of 1 or 5 gut and horsehair strings, a harmonic box, a neck and a pegbox.


The organistrum is an instrument from medieval times that is used to accompany sacred music and is characterized by being about two meters long, so it has to be handled by two people.

Examples of plucked string instruments

They produce sounds thanks to being plucked on the strings : lyre, harp, lute, guitar, spinet and charango.


The zither has been used since ancient times to play Indian classical music and has compression strings along its long neck and a hollow resonating gourd to produce a unique and enigmatic sound to the ear.


The balalaika is an instrument of Russian origin and it is an oval and concave box with double strings and a peg board that forms a very pronounced angle with the neck.

Plucked or struck string instruments

They are characterized by hitting the strings of a box to obtain a much broader sound, yes, sometimes the box is not necessary: ​​harpsichord and player piano.


The harpsichord is one of the instruments that precedes the grand piano.

It is an instrument that has a rectangular box with strings located crosswise and hammers, which once the strings have been struck, continue the friction while the keys are held down.

Pianola or mechanical piano

The player piano or mechanical piano is an instrument that is used in musicals and is similar to the piano, the difference is that mechanical and pneumatic elements are added .

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