Examples of television and radio advertising

Propaganda is known as the grouping of media, methods and techniques to show and disseminate a specific message to society with the aim of influencing their behavior with respect to some cause or position, presenting only and exclusively one side of the message. plot. This leads us to know that this type of tool has been widely used since the appearance of the different media, whether to deal with religious, political, educational or social issues.

It is about showing the information in an impartial way , since the facts are shown selectively, and this has repercussions in the use of more emotional messages than rational ones to promote as a result a change in the perception of the subject in question.

nationalist propaganda

Nationalist propaganda is the one whose main objective is to try to convince the population to create a sense of belonging to their country . At the time of the Spanish Civil War, this type of propaganda was widely used by the Francoist side with a propaganda model similar to that of Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany.

health propaganda

Health propaganda shows a message that makes people aware of an issue related to health at a collective level . A clear and very recent example is the campaigns that are being carried out for Covid-19, both at the national and regional levels. In the Community of Madrid, it has been proposed to stop with a video that sends the message “There are things that are hotter than the mask”.

educational propaganda

The educational sector brands are intended to design advertising that provides educational content as its name suggests, in addition to creating behavior patterns about having good manners. An example is the day that is usually held on Earth Day or the day of the rights of girls and boys with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of this type of aspect.

environmental propaganda

Environmental propaganda is based on promoting the participation of the population in aspects related to recycling and environmental conservation to live in a much better world. An example of this type of propaganda is the one that shows the problem of global warming and the damage that it causes with the phrase “While we worry about money to live, we damage the ecosystem where we live and perhaps our future.”

Political propaganda

What political propaganda seeks is to show a connection between the citizens of a place and a specific candidate and then vote at the polls. The use of this type of propaganda is of vital importance for the approach to rhetorical strategies , taking as an example Donald Trump and Biden in these last elections.

preventive propaganda

Preventive advertising is the one that focuses on warning people of something that may happen with respect to a product or service.

It is usually linked to car accidents , drugs, alcohol or contraceptives. Tobacco packages come with phrases like “Smoking causes 9 out of 20 lung cancers”, “Smoking can kill the unborn child” or “Smoking increases the risk of impotence”

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