Examples of third person verbs

Verbal inflection is the different forms that a verb can have taking into account the variation of person, number, tense and mood , one of them being the third person. This is defined as that verb that is used when the action is undertaken by one or more people like him, her, them or them.

There are two types of third person verb models :

  • Regular verb: one that is conjugated freely without the need to change the root or lexeme and the endings that are added are appropriate to the time and mode.
  • Irregular verb: that verb that has individualistic verbal inflections depending on the time or the mode.

Examples of third person verbs

  • They laugh when they see a bad scary movie.
  • My cousin holds the baseball bat the wrong way.
  • My aunt’s dog eats feed.
  • The masseur cracks the back of all his patients.
  • Monica dances all day because it has been her passion since she was little.
  • They like to produce a lot of videos about culture.
  • The sun shines brightly at noon.
  • Ester’s cousin lasts a long time underwater.
  • She eats fruit for breakfast every day.
  • You run every morning along the Benidorm promenade.
  • Juanjo breathes artificially through a machine.
  • Athlete Usain Bolt stretches before doing physical activities.
  • My mother is coughing because she has been sick since yesterday.
  • She likes to receive love poems during Valentine’s Day.
  • You play handball before basketball.
  • The soccer players have an important match tomorrow.
  • She trains every day from 8:00 to 9:00.
  • He has to walk to exercise his legs.
  • Ricardo folds the sheets once they have dried on the terrace at home.
  • She sleeps very little during exams.
  • My friends meet every Friday afternoon at the bar.
  • You show off what you lack.
  • He likes to compete  in the Olympics.
  • The planet survives natural catastrophes as best it can.
  • You applaud your friend’s dance performance very loudly.
  • Miguel hurts people in the cruelest way possible.

More examples of third person verbs

  • The girl divides with decimal numbers since elementary school.
  • The teacher likes to teach mathematics to his students.
  • The little one of the house has fun with a simple ball.
  • Gorka buys a lot of vegetables and fish.
  • The priest blesses the people who go to church.
  • They distribute brochures around the neighborhood to raise awareness of the LGTBI world.
  • The teacher requires his students to improve their grades.
  • Every Saturday she goes skating at an ice rink.
  • You write children’s stories.
  • Adrián fights every Sunday in a boxing ring.
  • The cook melts the chocolate on the ceramic hob.
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