Examples of verbs ending in “ger” and “gir”

The verb is a kind of word that is capable of being transformed in order to provide a meaning to the action , that is, the movement, action, existence, state or achievement, which is of the utmost importance to specify the division between whose speech and predicate. If we stop at the grammatical aspect, this is the nucleus of the sentence, which means that it is the one that has the element that defines the properties of the predicate and its time.

There is a diversity of verbs and in this case we are going to talk about those ending in -ger and -gir:

  • Verbs ending -ger : belong to the second conjugation, for example, protect, choose and emerge.
  • Verbs ending in -gir : belongs to the third conjugation, for example, require, correct and submerge.

Below we show you multiple examples of verbs ending in -ger and -gir.

Examples of verbs ending in “ger” and “gir”

Embrace Demand
Protect Immerse
Converge Afflict
Pick Urge
Emerge Erect
overpick Inflict

Examples of sentences with verbs ending in “ger”

  • Hydrogen peroxide has the efficiency of  abstering sores and injuries.
  • Do not hesitate to welcome that child you see in the orphanage in Thailand.
  • I wanted to take him before me and bring him to these beautiful lands.
  • María did not hesitate to take the car to go to Bilbao to see her uncle Andoni.
  • And why should taxation converge , according to the European Commission?
  • Today you have to unshrink the pink shirt I gave you for your birthday.
  • We must emerge from this crisis over global warming excess.
  • Putting the clothes in the washing machine and shrinking them is what happens to me all the time.
  • Juanjo, don’t hesitate to choose the best character to play in the series.
  • The grandfather wants to protect his granddaughter from certain suitors who are stalking her.
  • He was not a man who would entertain himself in picking up a sailor’s bag.
  • The strength of the young people overwhelmed the directors of the work.

Examples of sentences with verbs ending in “gir”

  • We should not grieve even though the world around us is collapsing.
  • Astringing the hands is something that is done with unknown people.
  • Marta is the one selected to co -direct the games in the camps.
  • It can be inferred from his old Christian habits without knowing how.
  • The main objective of this book is to embarrass all readers.
  • The language teacher has to correct all the exams on Tuesday.
  • Directing the marine biology conference is one of my expectations.
  • They do not hesitate to choose which is the best singer for Eurovision.
  • Mohamed suggests the thought of erecting the great mosque of Córdoba.
  • Their parents do nothing but demand very high grades from their children.
  • She always preferred to pretend she was happy before telling the truth.
  • You should know that a town cannot be governed by an account book.
  • He did not even dare to dip his oars for fear of capsizing.
  • A cat has just emerged from that dark and dirty alley.
  • He did not hesitate to urge the students to study more.
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