Examples of verbs in gerund

The verb is a kind of word that is used to express an action carried out by the subject either in the past, present or future, which is called verbal conjugation. One of them is the gerund, which is the third form of verbos, which is not governed by rules of mode, number, person and time.

The gerund is formed in a very simple way, you only have to add the ending ‘endo’ or ‘ando’ and sometimes the existence of vowels causes it to be changed by adding a ‘y’, in addition the gerund is always accompanied by some conjugation of ‘to be’ or some action verb.

Examples of gerund verbs ending in ‘ando’

  • Tomorrow she is going to walk to my grandmother’s house.
  • I’m getting tired of explaining the same thing over and over again.
  • I’m charging the inmate with contraband.
  • Ricky and his friends were singing ‘Let me entertain you’.
  • The mobile is charging in the bedroom.
  • The students are studying for selectivity.
  • I am worrying because my daughter does not arrive from school.
  • Michelle Jenner is acting in ‘The Cathedral of the Sea’.
  • My father was cooking a potato omelette.
  • The suitcase of summer dresses is being packed by Elena.
  • The coroner is identifying the body of ‘La Laguna’.
  • Little by little they are releasing all the accumulated energy.
  • I am looking at this wonderful sunny landscape.
  • Everyone in the class will be playing handball.
  • They were cleaning my uncle Federico’s SUV.
  • What subjects are there? Let’s go looking .
  • I’ll be practicing pole vault for the Olympics.
  • The teacher is explaining Newton’s Second Law.
  • My classmates are rehearsing the play ‘Erase una vez…’

Examples of gerund verbs ending in ‘endo’

  • Isabel Coixet was writing a philosophical book.
  • I’m opening the garage door with the key.
  • When you’re taking the peripheral bus, call me.
  • My cousins ​​are sleeping in the big bed.
  • Now we are running the marathon against cancer.
  • Writing I find full happiness.
  • Tomorrow they announce that it will be raining all day .
  • The dog is biting the sofa cushion.
  • I was lying to my brother because I loved you.
  • The police are chasing the luxury bank robbers.
  • Jessica was smiling all day , what a joy.
  • He is putting a smiley face on WhatsApp .
  • I just got out and I’m already responding to my followers.
  • My friend is tickling the dog goodbye .
  • Keep in mind that he was coughing .
  • My aunt is suffering a lot with my uncle’s illness.
  • The elevator will be going up to the seventh floor.
  • They are going to be selling smoothies in the neighborhood.
  • Let ‘s see what happens from here on out.
  • I’m surprised how good we are.
  • We were learning to multiply.
  • Tomorrow they will be reading the article about FC Barcelona’s victory.
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