Examples of visual arts

The visual arts are a group of forms and expressions that are preeminently directed to the creation and production of works of the traditional plastic arts (painting, sculpture) and the most innovative trends that incorporate new technologies (video art, photography). The one thing that all expressions of the visual arts have in common is that they can be seen through the sense of sight.

Some of the most outstanding features are:

  • Transdisciplinarity : the aspiration to knowledge as complete as possible.
  • They manage exhibition strategies : they are shown in museums and urban areas.
  • They tend to appropriation : to become owners of elements taken for the creation of a new work.


The techniques used in photography aim to capture certain images through a lens and their subsequent recording. There are 2 types of photographs; on the one hand there is the analog one, which records images through a chemical process, and on the other hand there is the digital one, which uses a memory and a screen.


Sculpture consists of the creation of figures through the action of sculpting , carving, molding or chiselling on solid materials. The most used materials are clay, stone, metal, wax and plaster, bearing in mind that as this discipline of visual arts has advanced, resin and plastic have begun to be used.

video art

Video art according to the Royal Spanish Academy is “the artistic manifestation made by means of video recording montages “. It began to develop in the 1960s with the aim of creating a new non-programmed television with social and political criticism.

This discipline is capable of taking 2 forms above all:

  • Recordings that are broadcast in galleries.
  • Videos distributed on video tapes or DVD discs.

He drew

Drawing is the art and technique of drawing on paper, wood, cardboard, glass or a computer, and it is considered a universal language as it is the first to be used by people to show and convey certain ideas.

Regarding the techniques, these are classified depending on the intention of the drawing , for example, the artistic, the geometric, the technical, the animated and the architectural, among others.


Painting is based on figurative or abstract representation on a given surface using pigments mixed with binding substances . Some of the most used techniques are the most significant, see tempera, watercolor, oil, fresco and pointillism.

Painting is constantly evolving and some of the best known artists throughout history are Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh.

Digital art

Digital art is the one that is created through the use of computer tools found in the computer around the application of vector and gratuity programs.

There are various techniques that allow this visual art to be captured, for example, digital painting, datamoshing (causing digital errors for artistic and aesthetic purposes), dynamic painting and fractal art.

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