Examples of wind instruments

Aerophones, also known and designated as wind instruments, are those that generate a sound through the vibration of the air contained inside the instrument, which is formed by a cylindrical or conical tube. The help of strings or membranes is not needed to create the sound, simply with the use of the wind it can be interpreted in an ideal way.

These musical instruments have a very ancient origin , since it is said that the first specimens could be the horns of animals, shells or trunks that were empty inside.

Examples of woodwind instruments


The clarinet consists of a simple reed mouthpiece that is played by pressing the keys or covering the holes. Within this instrument is the piccolo clarinet  and the bass clarinet.

Transverse flute

The transverse flute, even if it is made of metal, is included among those made of wood because at the beginning it was made with that material. It is characterized by having a bevel , which allows the sound to be formed thanks to the vibration of the air expelled when it hits that piece. This type of instrument is located in the soprano tone, that is, one of the highest.


The saxophone, also known as saxophone or simply saxophone, is made of metal but is included among the wooden ones because of the mouthpiece it has. It basically consists of a mechanical reed attached to a tapered tube with a slightly flared mouth.


The oboe is characterized by having a very peculiar sound , which is immediately differentiated, especially when it is part of the harmony. It is a double reed instrument with a conical bore that stands out for having a penetrating and slightly nasal sound, as well as being sweet and expressive.

Examples of brass instruments


The trombone is an open tube of approximately 3 meters that is wound on itself and is made of metal. The sound is formed by the vibration of the performer’s lips in the part known as the mouthpiece. It is worth mentioning that there are different types: tenor, alto, double bass, bass and soprano.


The tuba is a large instrument made up of a long tube that gradually widens and bends in such a way that it ends in the bell. Among the metals it is the largest , therefore, when playing it, it is necessary to have it supported by the legs.


The flugelhorn is a metal wind instrument similar to the trumpet and cornet, and has several pistons or valves with a sharp sound.

It is characterized by producing a soft sound , although somewhat dark, in addition to being able to use it in multiple places such as orchestras, musical groups and cornet bands. Finally, it should be said that there are two types of flugelhorns: the piston type and the cylinder type.

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