Examples of words that start with u

The alphabet is a series organized by letters or graphic signs that correspond to a given language which serves as a communication system for human beings who understand it. In the case of the Spanish alphabet, it is based on the Latin alphabet that had its adaptation from the Greek and its variants, and was spreading in certain countries.

This type of alphabet is made up of 27 letters, 5 vowels and 22 consonants , in addition to the existence of various combinations of two letters forming the digraphs. One of the vowels located in the twenty-second position in the alphabet is “u” and it is a closed vowel like “i”.

This article shows words that begin with “u” and also sentences with words that begin with the same vowel.

Examples of words beginning with “u”

unimember use usurp spread universal
subsequent sore Unicorn threshold one
ultrared uniqueness fertile unicellular unction
Location undulate  proud unisexual urinary
ureter far right unitarianism universe warp
urbanity udder nail usage unequivocal
umbilical ubiquitous unidirectional hoot usufruct
unilateral unison unitary ultraviolet unify
unison sole proprietorship uniqueness unto unanimity
nail overseas uterus ointment last

Examples of sentences with words that begin with “u”

  • I would love to travel to Uruguay with my childhood friends.
  • We have to use all the things on the table.
  • I hope you treat my cousin as he deserves.
  • I don’t know how I do it but I always finish last in the marathons.
  • The union that has been forged between the two is too strong.
  • Antonio and Carlota say that the exchange boy is Ukrainian .
  • Oops ! _ Falling down the stairs hurt me too much.
  • It usually offers some of the agricultural tools such as the shovel or the sickle.
  • In the program they have asked the contestants to locate countries.
  • Unifying prices means that they must be equalized immediately.
  • If we all join the cause we can build a better world.
  • The decision made in congress must be unanimous .
  • The students do not like the uniform they have been forced to wear.
  • One of the best known metallic chemical elements is uranium .
  • We have to get him to the ER fast otherwise he can bleed to death.
  • My neighbor from the house on the beach is an urban councilor .
  • It is not very usual for that boy to be singing all day at home.
  • The  loan shark  had a slight tremor in his voice when he went to speak.

More examples of sentences with words that begin with “u”

  • Let’s fix this tech gadget the old- fashioned way
  • University people   like to party a lot on Thursdays.
  • The magpie is a bird with a beak, black legs and white plumage.
  • My cousin, once he finished medicine, specialized in urology .
  • I just need to open my eyes to see who you really are.
  • They have opened a grocery store near my house.
  • Many users have been connected at the same time and it has been blocked.
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