Examples of words with diphthong

Before explaining what a diphthong is, you should know that in the Spanish language vowels are divided into two classes , the first is the weak vowel (i,u) and the second is the strong vowel (a,e,o). So what is the diphthong? It is defined as a term that is the mixture of two different vowels in the same syllable within the same word.

There are three types of diphthongs :

  • Homogeneous: those diphthongs that are made up of two weak vowels.
  • Decreasing: those diphthongs that are formed by a strong and a weak vowel.
  • Rising: those diphthongs that are made up of a weak and a strong vowel.

Examples of words with diphthong

  • Better grab your umbrella because apart from the snow it’s going to rain.
  • It is better that you go in the direction that they have indicated to you.
  • The bosses are busy as they are in a meeting .
  • The other day we went to the cinema to see a movie about a widow .
  • The judge decided to investigate the cause to give a sentence.
  • The strawberry yoghurt ice cream is delicious .
  • The reunion of the students is in the musical comedy classroom .
  • The hairstyle was done by the hairdresser from the outskirts .
  • We always love to go to the bar called C iu dad .
  • In this story they are all coincidences .
  • I may need your help, I think I’m going to fail.
  • Yesterday the citizens were the ones who triumphed .
  • The road to my house is going to be filled with dirt with so much wind .
  • It is better that we save the food.
  • This boy puts me to sleep with a lot of fear of ghosts.
  • Now the government shows more strength than before .

More examples of words with diphthong

  • This vacation is going to be a trip to Northern Eu rope .
  • The fire has been extinguished in that place.
  • Fairy tale elves are good advisers .
  • Our family lives on the land of Andalusia on the paternal side .
  • My wisdom tooth is growing and it hurts a lot .
  • My boyfriend is from the village and he does magic .
  • In the forest there is a park and a stone bridge .
  • The piano girl does not plan to succeed abroad .
  • That church in the upper neighborhood is old .
  • I am in the middle of the situation but I feel like I am on the outside .
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