Examples of words with v

The word is a concept that manifests one of the most important elements of all languages, it is the lexical unit of an expression, delimited by stops and accents . The grouping of several words and what their meaning entails can create phrases, and their set gives a result with a specific and particular meaning that can be expressed in stories , legends, essays, etc.

Words are made up of letters and one of them is the consonant ‘v’, which has its origins in the modern Roman alphabet . It is the eighteenth consonant of the Spanish language, which in phonetic value has some problems to be distinguished with the letter ‘b’ since over time it has been losing difference.

Therefore, the ‘v’ is a consonant of the alphabet and different examples of words with ‘v’ are shown below , which are going to be governed by different general rules.

After the ‘n’ goes the ‘v’

  • The candy has a nice wrapper .
  • The plastic container goes in the yellow container.
  • In my neighborhood they want to put a tram .
  • Envious people don’t usually like me.
  • Coexistence with my roommates is excellent .
  • Graham Bell is the inventor of the telephone.
  • The illness of years ago has made me invincible .

After the ‘d’ goes the ‘v’

  • In class I liked to go unnoticed .
  • Your cousin has a great dislike for me .
  • The adverb expresses circumstances such as mode, time or quantity.
  • The chapel is under the patronage of San Saturnino.
  • The result of mus was adverse for the gang.

After the word ‘di’ goes the ‘v’

  • Diversity is the greatest example of evolution.
  • The most fun day was when we went to the ice rink.
  • In elementary school you learn to divide and multiply.
  • Today divorces are the order of the day.
  • Juliet believes herself to be a divine person .
  • The work is a work of popular science
  • This play game is very fun .

The words that end in ‘ava’, ‘ave’ and ‘iva’

  • My boyfriend gave me a slave for our first anniversary.
  • In the singing contest I was eleventh .
  • Twice a week I have to wash colored clothes.
  • Cava is never lacking at New Year’s Eve dinner .
  • The tide at La Concha beach is very rough .
  • My father ‘s plane is a few minutes from town.
  • The house key is on the shelf in the living room.
  • Your sister’s pink sweater is very soft .
  • The key to winning the game is to get Messi out on the pitch.
  • The chief ordered a conclave to speak with his aides.
  • Your cousin is an intuitive person .
  • The executive yielded at the time of the negotiation.
  • My father grows tomatoes in the village garden.
  • The Fugitive series is going to be released in a few months.
  • My cousin was kidnapped but came out of it alive .
  • Tickets are already sold out for the rock festival .
  • Paula likes to motivate people.
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