Examples of work certificates

What is the work certificate? This is the name given to a document that the worker can request from the employer of the company in which he works once the employment relationship has ended. It is of great importance since it can favor the following services, acquiring a value to demonstrate the skills and abilities of the specific worker.

Within the document it must contain the names and surnames of the worker and employer, the date on which it began and on which it ended, the work that has been carried out during the stipulated time and its most outstanding skills.

Example 1: certificate as a reference for future jobs

Barcelona, ​​June 10, 2018

Ms. Magdalena Juncos, identified with DNI 12568945W, the general manager of 3Dscopo SAC,


That Mr. Julen Goroztiaga, identified with DNI 82799332G, has worked in our company as a graphic designer during the period from January 5 to June 5, evidencing certain very important characteristics such as seriousness, commitment and total dedication. to the assigned work.

Said document is processed at the request of the worker for the purposes that he sees necessary.

Magdalena, head of the graphic design department.

Example 2: certificate as a reference for future jobs

Mariano Saturno Manzanares was an intern in the Social Media department at the company “Save the Earth” from September 7, 2017 to February 15, 2018. During the internship, he proved to be a punctual person. , dedication, commitment and availability in favor of the work that was done on a day-to-day basis.

Within the company, he was dedicated to the design of our Social Network profiles, specifically, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in order to offer different content to the platforms on a daily basis . In addition, he also acted as a camera operator by having to create and edit videos to offer different and exclusive content to our profiles to get more notoriety.

During my absence from the company, he took charge of the entire department, proving that he is in perfect condition to cover a position of manager of the Internet community. He was able to create and program his own content, invest money for advertising, write articles for the blog, attend press conferences and edit the website.

Jimena Gutierrez, head of the Social Networks department.

Example 3: certificate as a reference for future work

Bilbao, September 28, 2018

Mr. Miguel Ríos Gonzalen, identified with DNI 45738892T, general manager of Automoviles Juancho SAC,

Certifies that Mrs. Fabiana Rosales Villaribas, identified with DNI 82456692B, has worked in our company as a mechanical assistant from June 5, 2016 to September 1, 2018. At this stage she has shown her desire to work, her honesty , his dedication and his punctuality , in addition to showing total dedication to the tasks entrusted to him.

It has dedicated itself to carrying out and finishing the mechanical work on automobiles, offering all the necessary information on the materials to be used, and repairing vehicles, paying full attention to customers.

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