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The palindrome or reverse word is a concept that refers to the peculiarity of being able to read the word from left to right and vice versa , and see that it reads the same and has the same pronunciation, although the meaning may or may not be the same. . This is a casual condition, it is not linked to any morphological class or semantic value.

The palindrome or the inverse word can have:

  • Even number of letters : the middle letters have to be the same, usually “rr” or “ll”
  • Odd number of letters : the letters in the middle do not have to be the same.

Examples of reverse words with the same meaning

  • Alone:
    • Today we have been alone in the movie theater.
  • Beings:
    • Living beings must be cared for a lot.
  • Grate:
    • You have to grate the cheese to add it to the pasta.
  • Rooms:
    • We are in the rooms of the general practitioner.
  • Oruro:
    • Oruro is a city in the Bolivian country.
  • Sandbox:
    • I’m at the sandbox for a few days.
  • Ana:
    • My cousin from Albacete is called Ana .
  • They narrate
    • The fishing boats narrate their adventures at sea.
  • Are:
    • We are a group of hikers on the Iguazú.
  • Aerial:
    • They have an aerial view of the entire city.
  • Shave:
    • He’s going to shave his hair for a bet.
  • We submit:
    • We submit to such powerful physical tests.
  • Radar:
    • Sometimes having a radar shot .
  • Bear:
    • I’d love to see a baby polar bear sometime.
  • To recognize:
    • I have to admit that it has been superior.
  • Snuggles:
    • The dog snuggles between my legs.
  • To:
    • Our room is in the west wing .
  • Tie:
    • Tie the rope tight to make the zip line.
  • That:
    • That guy over there is my old boyfriend.
  • Eye:
    • He has an ulcer on his eye and it hurts a lot.
  • They swim:
    • All those in the competition swim butterfly style.
  • Kayaking:
    • I would love to be a professional kayaker .
  • Crack:
    • Get out of this place now or they’re going to cut you up .

Examples of inverse words with different meaning

  • Love/Branch:
    • I think this boy is going to love you for life.
    • The tree branch has just fallen into the garden.
  • Love/Rome:
    • Love is a word with a lot of meaning.
    • Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
  • Anita/Atina:
    • In Fama there was a dancer named Anita .
    • Atina for us to take the points.
  • Hate/Heard:
    • There is no need to generate hate in this world.
    • My right ear has a tympanic perforation.
  • Lava/Guarantee:
    • Wash the clothes that are in that drawer.
    • You need the guarantee of your parents to rent the flat.
  • It is:
    • Waiter needed for weekends.
    • This girl is a professional swimmer.
  • Laugh/Grasp:
    • I do nothing but listen to your laughter from here.
    • The Asir mountains are impressive.
  • Hear/River:
    • We should hear what the teacher says.
    • The Duero River is the one that passes through Castilla y León.
  • Tether/Rat:
    • You just have to tie the rope to the trunk.
    • My mother is terrified of rats .
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