Examples of Herbivorous animals

Living beings are part of the food chain and some are called predators and others prey, bearing in mind that the existence of animals is essential for species to be maintained and for harmony on the globe not to be broken. Animals are classified as carnivores, omnivores and herbivores, the latter being essential for the flora.

What are herbivorous animals? This defines a group of living beings that stand out for feeding on plants , either from the stem or the leaf, and even some substance created by them, although they can also digest some animal protein.

examples of herbivorous animals

Zebra Antelope Calls Kangaroo Panda bear
Turtle Tapir Elephant Alpaca I raised
Deer Gazelle Bison Snail Giraffe
Rabbit Opossum Koala Donkey Guinea pig
Pheasant Donkey Calender Beaver Lemur
Macaque Chinchilla Parrot Buffalo Cricket
Titi monkey Camel Butterfly orangutan Mouse

More examples of herbivorous animals


The cow can spend 8 hours eating and has a very agile tongue and teeth that are used to cut grass. They normally feed on grains and fodder , including barley, oats, corn, alfalfa, etc.

Its digestion has two stages, the first is about swallowing the food and the second is about returning the food that it has half digested and chewing it again.


It is curious that an animal as large as the hippopotamus feeds only on short grass . It is usual for them to spend 5 hours at night grazing and to get 150 pounds of food they travel about 5 kilometers.


Most sheep are herbivores as they feed on plants and grass, although they detest the upper part of the flora . Being ruminant like the cow, its stomach is made up of 4 stomachs.


The sloth is passionate about eating young shoots and leaves from a tree called cecropia , which has led to them easily getting used to living in trees and moving from one tree to another. What is most striking about this animal is that its digestion takes a long time to complete, more specifically, it can take up to a month.


The hare is a herbivorous animal that usually eats grass, hay, mushrooms  and tree bark. In addition, when the winter season approaches, the feeding habit increases.


The caterpillar is a herbivorous animal that stands out for having an insatiable appetite and that makes it eat plant leaves throughout the day . Many of them only feed on a specific species of grass and usually at night when climbing the stem.

There is a special caterpillar called the Black Swallowtail that has a unique diet of eating celery, fennel, carrots, parsley, and flowers.


This reptile eats different foods depending on the stage of development it is in. When young, it can even digest insects, while as an adult it is totally herbivorous.

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