What is psychopedagogyWhat is psychopedagogy

Have you heard something related to studying psychopedagogy but you don’t know exactly what it is? In the following article you will learn what the Bachelor’s degree in Psychopedagogy is about , what are its areas of study and what subjects you will find through it.

What is psychopedagogy?

Psychopedagogy is the science that studies learning processes. That is to say, it is the field of studies that takes care of everything that interacts with a person (both psychologically and in the environment) and that influences their learning.

In short, psychopedagogy combines psychology and pedagogy, since it deals with the study of human beings in learning situations.

It is a career of great social commitment , since psychopedagogues seek to facilitate the learning processes of people, at any stage of life, through detection and diagnosis.

What is the goal of psychopedagogy?

The main objective of psychopedagogy is to study the processes of cognitive development and to find solutions for the possible learning problems that it can detect.

While the first objective is strictly composed of tactics to understand the development method of the individual at any stage of life, the second stands out for the value it can bring to society: detect patterns or behaviors that affect learning, diagnose them early stage and be able to intervene in the solution.

If you are looking for a career that helps the learning of a child, adolescent, or even young people, and improves their quality of life to be able to develop properly , the Bachelor of Psychopedagogy is for you.

What does a psychopedagogue work on?

If you decide to work as a psychopedagogue  and above all, start studying a career in a quality institution, you can become a professional who seeks above all the common good and strives to exercise positive leadership to transform society through education.

In psychopedagogy you will be able to develop skills and abilities to be a leader in promoting educational processes with a human approach. In addition, you will develop in the prevention of learning problems, as well as in the treatment of specific situations in this area.

In conclusion, a psychopedagogue is capable of:

  • Pay attention to developmental and learning problems in any environment in which the person is involved.
  • Encourage the inclusion and adaptation of individuals with learning difficulties to the environments that will be developed.
  • Develop methods, tactics or tools that facilitate the relationship between both parties (teachers or family members and the individual).
  • Promote respect and advise educational centers for better inclusion.
    They offer vocational and employment guidance, both to young people and adults.
  • Create evaluations, tests and any other material that helps to detect early the problems that can affect the student’s performance.

As a psychopedagogue you will be able to work in schools at all levels, in universities and public or private programs to design solutions in this sector at a broader level.

Within job opportunities, you can choose to be a vocational counselor, educational counselor, design of school projects, coordinator of academic success projects or implementer of educational intervention programs. You can also administer programs in clinics and specialized psychopedagogical care centers.

What subjects and courses do you see in the race?

Some of the subjects covered by the Bachelor of Psychopedagogy are:

  • Social psychology
  • Child development
  • Cognitive processes
  • Language development
  • Communication skills
  • Psychopedagogical Research
  • Family Psychology or Didactics for Learning Disabilities
  • Neuropsychology
  • Psycholinguistics

What is the difference of psychopedagogy with other careers such as: psychology, education and pedagogy?

Psychopedagogy is a science that deals exclusively with developmental processes within learning. While psychology studies human behavior in any field (interpersonal, work, emotional, among others) and pedagogy creates new learning methods.

While in education, he is dedicated to studying the forms of learning and their elements.

As you can see, a psychopedagogue has a graduate profile and a more complete and specific field of work. In addition to being differentiated by the object of study, there are other characteristics by which psychopedagogy differs from other careers .

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