What is the difference between Floor and FloorWhat is the difference between Floor and Floor

The words floor and ground are often used synonymously. While this is not completely wrong, there are a couple of differences between the two words. These differences and their specific use are highly dependent on the country in which either of these two terms is used.

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Definition Floor is the horizontal surface of a space, it is the area that can be walked on. Similarly, soil is understood as the surface of the Earth on which living things have settled. This term is widely used in geology, geography, and other associated sciences.
Other definitions Floor is also each of the levels of a building (1st floor, 2nd floor, etc.), it is synonymous with plant in architectural terms. As for land, this word is sometimes used to refer to a nation. For example, “They decided that it was best to stay on Mexican soil.”
In Mexico In Mexico, the word piso is understood as a synonym for plant (each of the floors of a building). In addition, floor in its original definition, is the surface on which you walk as long as the surface is interior. For example, “I like the ceramic floor in your house.” Ground, on the other hand, and in its colloquial use, is understood as the surface on which you walk. However and contrary to floor, floor is used to speak of a surface that is outside. For example, “please don’t let the child crawl on the floor, it is dirty.”
In Central and South America Piso is an apartment or apartment that occupies an entire level in a building in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. In the same way, the use of the floor is accepted as a synonym for the floor. The use of land, on the other hand, is that of the surface on which you walk. However, and unlike the meanings given in Mexico, soil encompasses both interior and exterior surfaces. There may be very specific exceptions in some cities or countries.
In Spain Piso has a different meaning in Spain. Floor is colloquially called apartments, that is, each of the houses that make up a residential building. The same case applies as the use of the word soil in Central and South America.

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