What is contamination?

What is pollution?


It is about the breaking of the balance of a medium by the interaction of external factors, either in the form of foreign bodies or some type of physical phenomenon, causing damage that is often irreversible. Pollution of the environment occurs mainly today by human actions, the most common form being industrial pollution.
As for the etymology of the word, its origin comes from the Latin «contaminatio» which refers to dirtying or corrupting something.The consequences of pollution can be really serious, today there are a lot of campaigns and social work for the benefit of the world and the reduction of pollution of the earth.

Causes of pollution:

The main sources of environmental pollution are economic activities carried out by human beings, industrialization is increasing every day and with this there is an increase in environmental problems, among the most common causes the following can be mentioned:

  • Deforestation:
  • Gas emissions at an industrial level that favor atmospheric pollution.
  • The exploitation of fossil fuels, such as the pollution in Mexico from the exploitation of oil.
  • The use of private means of transport such as automobiles.
  • The use of plastics in an excessive way and the non-recycling.

On the other hand, outside of industrial activities, each human being has a certain degree of responsibility in breaking the environmental balance,for example with the contamination of garbage by dumping waste abroad, they also intervene continuously in the destruction of the environment. planet through noise pollution, largely due to the lack of information on the pollution that currently exists on planet earth and the serious consequences of pollution in the medium and long term.

Types of pollution:

There are several types and they are classified according to the specific environment they affect, each one has its own particular characteristics, the most common are the following:

  • Water contamination.
  • Soil contamination.
  • Air pollution.
  • Visual contamination.
  • Noise pollution.
  • Radioactive pollution.
  • Light pollution.
  • Electromagnetic pollution.
  • Biological contamination.


Solutions for pollution:

Among the activities that can be carried out to counteract current environmental damage are the following:

  • Use public transport more frequently.
  • Recycle.
  • Reduce the consumption of plastic materials.
  • Reduce the use of electricity and water as much as possible.
  • Use of renewable energy such as solar thermal at home.
  • Awareness campaigns.

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